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Brexit – For thousands of UK nationals in Spain there is still time to act - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

European Union came to an end. However, many nationals living across Spain still need to complete the process of formalising their status as resident in Spain. Those who can demonstrate that they were legally living in Spain before 31 December 2020 can still apply for residency and their rights will be protected under the terms of the UK’s withdrawal agreement.

“Legally living” means that someone was living here before the end of last year and they met the EU residence conditions, such as being a worker, self-employed, a student or someone who is self-sufficient. They also need to be able to provide documentation to show that they met those conditionsThe brazen thefts. If they meet these requirements but have not started the residency application process, there is still time to do so.

In a recent joint statement from the Spanish government and the British Embassy in Spainforceoriginal, Hana Jalloul, Secretary of State for Migration, said: “I know that many of you have built your homes here and we want you to stay. You are part of the Spanish family. You are part of us. As I said in July, this is, and will always be, your home… my key message is, as long as you were legally living here before 31 December your rights will be protected and recognised in Spain”.

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This means for UK nationalsOlympic officials have said they will need 10,000 medical workers to staf, who were unable to begin or complete the process of applying for residency in Spain and the new TIE card, there is still time to act.

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