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Three key points of Siemens' digital industrial software in accelerating cloud: Digital twins, low code and open ecology

to meet the further acceleration of cloud service demand, Siemens' digital industrial software announced the launch of Teamcenter x, the cloud version of Teamcenter, at the 2020 annual media and analysts' conference held recently. This means that Siemens' digital industrial software is accelerating cloud

at the conference, another SaaS product, Teamcenter share, was also launched, which also described the power consumption scenario of human life in the future. It can synchronize local CAD files to the cloud. The AR function of share can realize multi terminal and cross platform access to these files - all of which are conducive to today's collaborative design

for consumer mobile applications, cloud is not comfortable to operate. As for multi terminal and cross platform compatibility, it is a piece of cake. However, for industrial software, especially engineering applications that have achieved "Jianghu status", cloudization is not so simple. Everything in the past is a prelude. Whether the past can be continued in the current visible wave of cloud computing, the speed of cloud computing is also very important

in September 2019, Siemens digital industrial software launched xcelerator at the annual media and analyst conference. According to the data, xcelerator includes product lifecycle management software PLM, electronic design automation software EDA, application lifecycle management software ALM, manufacturing operation management software mom, and SaaS application on mindsphere. It is a solution product portfolio

xcelerat click the cylinder reset button, and the piston will drop; On the contrary, or is a concrete manifestation of Siemens' digital industrial software walking in the cloud - PLM, EDA, etc. should be clouded. In order to increase recognition, a new name should be given to the combination. This cloud is mindsphere and mendix, a low code development platform acquired in 2018

the new Teamcenter x is a further extension of xcelerator and is a very critical extension. Teamcenter x integrates Siemens' CAD software such as NX, solid edge, electronic CAD software mentor, and ALM application lifecycle management software polarion

of course, xcelerator, mindsphere and mendix related to the cloud are not as simple as the above but logically valid. Among them, mindsphere and mendix are highways, and xcelerator is a vehicle full of goods. What are these vehicles loaded with? It is inseparable from technologies such as digital twins and low code development. Of course, it is also inseparable from ecology

therefore, Tony hemmelgarn, President and CEO of Siemens digital industrial software, emphasized in his speech at the analyst conference that xcelerator strategy is based on three requirements

first, digital twins: it should cover the whole product, production life cycle and the closed loop formed to ensure that the actual performance data are fed back to the continuously improved model

second, personalized methods: including multiple paths. Tony hemmelgarn believes that there is no single method for digitalization, and enterprises need to operate at their own pace. What is important is that "people in the future will not only be users of technology, but also increasingly become shapers and even developers of technology"

the third is an open ecosystem: suppliers, customers, partners and distributors can collaborate in one ecosystem

nowadays, cloud has become an infrastructure, driving the popularity of industrial interconnection in the world. I am afraid that the number and quality of solutions on the platform have become the focus of domestic and foreign platforms, including mindsphere. However, the objective reality is that only one xcelerator is far more than domestic industrial software - no matter from which perspective, industrial software made in China has a long way to go

with "people-oriented innovation" as the theme, Tony hemmelgarn cited many cases of digital transformation in his speech, as well as the solution achievements of Siemens' digital industrial software for COVID-19. For example, in view of the requirements of the epidemic for social distance, its new solution can ensure that when two employees are in a risk situation (less than the specified social distance), The electronic tags they wear will send out warnings and carry out risk warnings. At the same time, the "hot spots" with higher risk are identified by analyzing the collected displacement clearing data

tony hemmelgarn dialectically said: "COVID-19 may be the ultimate catalyst for mankind to fully accept the digital transformation." As a matter of fact, since the COVID-19, many entrepreneurs have reviewed the famous words of Churchill, a British politician, "we should not waste any crisis". In the earlier Chinese Tao Te Ching, a similar idea was that "misfortune brings happiness, and happiness brings disaster"

therefore, what you can think of may be what you see. In an interview with China industry news about the development boundary of Siemens' digital industrial software, Tony hemmelgarn shouted a "slogan": "our future vision is to establish an optimized digital enterprise network, share data and collaborate in the design, manufacturing and deployment of products and processes in discrete and process industries - to form a network spanning start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and enterprise level participants. We will continue to make great strides towards this vision."

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