The excessive growth of the hottest glass industry

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The excessive growth of the glass industry has been curbed

in recent years, the reorganization, merger and association among foreign trade enterprises have occurred from time to time. However, many enterprises have not updated the relevant information at the customs in time, resulting in inaccurate registration contents or incomplete data at the customs. We still need to pay attention to the growth of new capacity in the glass industry. Before November 30, if the foreign trade enterprise fails to go through the relevant information update procedures at the customs of the place of registration, the foreign trade enterprise's foreign trade import and export "ID card" will be cleared or customs clearance and control will be implemented. The reason is that the overall valuation level of the building materials industry is relatively reasonable, and the growth expectation of this sector has been basically reflected in the market; Because it contains the expectations of new energy, energy conservation and emission reduction, restructuring and asset injection, it is possible that the building materials index will be slightly stronger than the CSI 300 index in a certain stage. It is suggested to increase holdings on bargain hunting in advantageous glass companies involved in new energy, such as CSG, AVIC Sanxin and Jinjing technology, whose performance is expected to continue to grow. It is suggested to increase holdings on bargain hunting in advantageous building materials companies such as Beixin building materials, Sinoma technology, a flotation machine manufacturer, conch profiles, which are expected to benefit from the national policies on expanding domestic demand and energy conservation and emission reduction, and whose performance is expected to continue to grow. The reason is that the current valuation level of the cement sector is at a reasonably low level, but the rapid growth of the new capacity of the cement industry in 2010 may lead to pressure on the cement market, which may affect the performance of the secondary market of cement stocks in the second half of 2009

given that the operation of the glass industry may improve in the second half of the year, and the theme of new energy is expected to continue to be active, the glass sub industry is rated better than the big market. In the process of purchasing building materials, gypsum powder dryer, flotation machine and other sand making equipment are used by building materials manufacturers to pursue interests. Therefore, when purchasing building materials, they should be careful to avoid being cheated by merchants. It is recommended that investors continue to pay attention to the commencement and implementation progress of the national 4trillion investment infrastructure projects, the recovery of the real estate industry and the growth of new production capacity. But for most consumers, they don't have enough experience to identify all kinds of traps. Therefore, they need to visit the forum frequently to see the experience and lessons of others' purchasing building materials when decorating. For stalls and building materials businesses with more complaints, they can refuse to choose. It is possible to increase the holdings of Western companies with better regional markets such as horse racing industry, Tianshan shares and Qilian Mountains, as well as milling equipment such as Huaxin Cement, Jidong Cement, iron oxide skin dryer and beneficiation equipment, conch cement and other advantageous companies with capacity expansion and integration capabilities

beneficiation equipment, flotation machine manufacturers and hematite beneficiation process are the main beneficiation equipment and crushing equipment in the market. The improvement of supply-demand relationship has made the glass industry show a good trend of sales increase, inventory decline and price recovery; But the pressure of new capacity may appear at any time. Whether the excessive growth of new capacity can be contained has become the focus of the market

it is suggested that investors should pay attention to (2) whether the inspection results in the national inspection report can continue to grow when selecting cement companies. The main reason is that the restructuring expectation of this sector and some companies involved in new materials or new energy, as well as those benefiting from relevant national policies on energy conservation and emission reduction, have good growth potential. In the first half of 2009, the cement industry continued to maintain the trend of production and sales growth and profit increase, but the profit growth rate decreased significantly compared with the same period of the previous year, the cement price decreased, and the regional differentiation was significant. Other experimental operations and data processing other than cement and glass meet the requirements of gb228.1 (2) 010 tensile test method for metallic materials at room temperature. The non-metallic building materials company is rated as superior to the big market. In the building materials industry, which is known as a major foreign trade enterprise, there are many building materials export enterprises that have closed down, opened business and merged in recent years. Many enterprises have not updated the foreign trade registration information in time at the customs. This means that, These enterprises not only can not enjoy the customs service, Jeff said: "I can see that the various customs clearance facilitation measures provided by the two major trends can not even carry out foreign business normally. With the macroeconomic stability, the local building materials prices began to rise again. It was learned from many building materials markets in Rongcheng that the prices of wood boards and wooden floors for decoration rose rapidly in the recent month, and some merchants increased their prices by more than 50%, while the prices of ceramics and sanitary ware also tended to rise at the operation site of the pressure testing machine. As a result, the The various preferential service policies of the customs can not be delivered to the enterprises in a timely and smooth manner, which also brings difficulties for the customs to classify and manage the enterprises according to the principle of "compliance with the law and convenience"

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