Overview of PE markets around the country on May 8

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On May 8, the overall supply performance of PE market in Xiamen was relatively small. In a bullish atmosphere, some merchants closed the market. Although the high level continued, the market transaction performance was still acceptable. In 2001, Guangzhou Petrochemical Corporation reported 14450 yuan/ton, India linear 71602s reported yuan/ton, 5000S Korean yuan/ton, 2426h Lanhua 14000 yuan/ton

the linear transaction in Linyi market has been relatively weak recently. Due to the lack of resources for some precautions in the operation of the waterproof coiled material tensile testing machine in hand, most traders are mainly on the sidelines of petrochemical prices, and the sense of shipment is not strong. Yangzi 1802 individual overstated to 13600 yuan/ton, at 13500 yuan/ton, domestic 5000S tax-free 13500 yuan/ton, and 9455f tax-free yuan/ton

under the influence of the rise of PetroChina in Chongqing PE market and the better overall atmosphere, the merchants' mentality is more positive. Some merchants reflect that the transaction can be basically concluded with a reasonable quotation in the market. Lanhua 7042 is reported at 14150 yuan/ton, Lanhua 2426h at 14000 yuan/ton, 9455f at 14100 yuan/ton, 5000S at 14000 yuan/ton, injection molding supply is less, and 60550 merchants report 14800 yuan/ton

some low-pressure quotations in Shanghai market continued to rise today. On the whole, high-level transactions remained average. Domestic materials: q281 is quoted at 14400 yuan/ton, 5301 is quoted at 14000 yuan/ton, and Yangba high voltage will ship on the basis of the ex factory price plus about 150 yuan/ton. Imported materials: 14650 yuan/ton

most traders in Tianjin stopped trading without reporting, and the quotation of TIANLIAN products remained stable, with 9020 genuine products reported at yuan/ton, 9085 directional products reported at 14050 yuan/ton, PetroChina 7042 reported at 14300 yuan/ton, 0218d's recent trend was poor, with no tax reported at 13280 yuan/ton, 1002kw reported at yuan/ton, some businesses of PetroChina new high voltage reported at 14000 yuan/ton, 15803 reported at 13950 yuan/ton, and 9455f reported at 14000 yuan/ton

some local quotations in Nanjing continue to rise. At present, there are not many market resources, and most merchants are reluctant to sell. Yangzi 7042 is short of goods. 142 it can carry out multiple functional experiments on various materials, such as stretching, tightening, twists, stripping, shearing, etc. yuan/ton. 1801 is reported as 14000 yuan/ton, 1820 powder is reported as 14000 yuan/ton, 1810 powder is reported as 13850 yuan/ton, 5306j is reported as 14800 yuan/ton, and 5000S is reported as 14050 yuan/ton

Shunde PE market merchants closed the market and the wait-and-see atmosphere was obvious. After Guangzhou Petrochemical/Maoming 7042 had a deal at 13500 yuan/ton, the merchants' intention to ship at this price turned weak. Most of them waited and saw the price trend of petrochemical, reporting 13500 yuan/ton, slightly lower than yuan/ton. Tr144 rumored that petrochemical would increase, and the quotation was low, with 5000S at 13450 yuan/ton

today, local businesses in Hangzhou are happy, and their quotations have risen sharply. Because there are not many goods, businesses are reluctant to sell. At present, the advantages of high-speed electric drives are indisputable: the noise is very small, and transactions are rare. High voltage rose sharply, Maoming 2426k reported 14200 yuan/ton, Maoming 2426h reported 14200 yuan/ton, 100cac/tn26 reported 14300 yuan/ton, Yangba high voltage yuan/ton, Yangzi wire drawing 1450 yuan/ton, and PetroChina cargo understated 14050 yuan/ton

today, most traders around Yanshan closed their offers, and the market continued to rise. Some merchants in 1c7a reported 15700 yuan/ton, ld100ac 14000 yuan/ton, 1f7b 14000 yuan/ton, 5200b 14000 yuan/ton, PetroChina new high voltage 14000 yuan/ton, 9455f 14000 yuan/ton

some PE merchants in Qilu Chemical City closed their plates and waited. 00tn00 was in short supply, and merchants were reluctant to sell. 02tn26 was quoted at 14200 yuan/ton, and 6098 was quoted at 14150 yuan/ton

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