Overview of PE markets around the country on July

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On July 12, the PE market overview of various regions

the PE market quotation in Shunde is basically stable, and the overall fluctuation is small. Futures fell at the opening, with the mentality of merchants temporarily stable and the quotation stable. The demand is still average and the transaction is mediocre

most of the PE market prices in Yuyao have risen slightly, and the demand is general, but the price adjustment of petrochemical is still relatively positive, which has significantly promoted the seller, and the relatively tight supply is also significantly beneficial

the quotation of Dongguan PE market is stable and small, and the overall fluctuation is not large. The futures opening is downward, the mentality of merchants is temporarily stable, most of them actively ship, the trading atmosphere is general, the downstream inquiry is normal, and the transaction is flat

the PE market quotation in Linyi is stable and small, with little overall fluctuation. The futures fell at the opening, the merchants' mentality was temporarily stable, the downstream demand was still weak, and the inquiry was general. As a whole, the experimental machine collected material performance data for a long time and did not pay much

the quotation of PE market in Xiamen is basically stable. At present, the downstream demand is not strong, but it is undeniable that it still drags down the market rise, and the petrochemical price adjustment policy is stabilizing. Most merchants use the accompanying experimental machine to test the mechanical properties of various materials common in life. The market delivery is mainly market delivery, and the transaction is general

it can reduce the zinc content and improve the anti-corrosion effect at the same time. The supply of Changzhou PE market is general, and some varieties of HDPE are few. Driven by the price adjustment of PetroChina and other factors, the price has risen, but the demand is weak, and the firm offer is negotiable

Wuhan PE market quotation stabilized. The decline of crude oil and the decline of futures hit the spot market, and the spot supply was more normal. Merchants are actively shipping, and the terminal is full of wait-and-see, and the transaction is under pressure

the PE market price in Hangzhou is slightly longer, the source is less, and the impact of the rise in petrochemical industry is mainly. The actual transaction is still difficult, and there is more wait-and-see

the quotation of PE market in Shanghai fluctuates slightly, the transaction is general, the transaction at low price is good, and the firm offer has certain negotiation space. The domestic material rises slightly, but the transaction is not supported, and there is much to wait and see

Shantou PE market quotation is stable and rising. The intraday decline of futures increased the wait-and-see mentality of the market, and the intermediate link was weak. The spot supply is normal, and the high-pressure and linear quotation are slightly higher. The local merchants mainly ship goods, but the downstream demand is weak, and the transaction is more negotiated

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