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On June 30, 2009, PE market overview everywhere

the price of PE market in Dongguan rose slightly today, international crude oil rose sharply, and merchants took the opportunity to report high prices. But one c8800 collection card; The physical transaction is still average. 7042 is 9150 yuan/ton, 218w/1002kw is 10000 yuan/ton, 2001 is 9400 yuan/ton, 9350 yuan/ton, 5502 is 10350 yuan/ton, tr144 is 10350 yuan/ton. The above price does not include tax

the supply of goods in Changzhou PE market is general, and the current price has not changed much. Merchants ship slowly, and buyers have limited access to the market. Linear reporting of yuan/ton, under reporting of yuan/ton for 2426h, 11000 yuan/ton for 5000S, and RMB/ton for imported low-pressure membrane

affected by the cancellation of today's settlement price of crude oil and PetroChina northeast, the PE market in Liaoning Province has increased inquiries, but the actual transactions are still rare. At present, the mainstream quotation in the market is 50 plus the listing price, the linear price is 9900 yuan/ton, and the 2426h price is 9950 yuan/ton

the supply of PE market in Chengdu is general, and the quotation is mainly stable. The merchants report that the transaction is not as good as yesterday, and the downstream agricultural film factory has not been started. 7042/7050 is reported as 9700 yuan/ton, high-voltage is reported as 9700 yuan/ton, 5502 is reported as 10800 yuan/ton, tr144 is reported as 11050 yuan/ton, goods are less, 5000S is at 11000 yuan/ton, tr480 is reported as 10700 yuan/ton

the linear increase in Shantou PE market is relatively obvious today. Sinopec South China LLDPE (10025,70.00,0.70%) was listed in July, and merchants took the opportunity to hype. The receipt of goods between merchants has become the biggest bottleneck restricting the further development of the industry. There are many bottlenecks. Yesterday's quotation can be traded today, and the price has a trend of rising

today, businesses in Shunde PE market reported slightly higher prices, with a range of about 50 per ton. Crude oil rose sharply/SINOPEC South China raised prices in July, and the mentality of businesses improved. Today's market inquiry improved slightly, but the improvement was not great, and the transaction was OK

at the end of this month, there were few domestic sources of goods in Xiamen PE market, the quotation of imported sources of goods was stable, merchants actively sold, and the transaction was average. Malaysia hf7000 is at 11100 yuan/ton, SK 8800 is at 10900 yuan/ton, Thailand 5604 is at 10900 yuan/ton, and 0961 is at 11000 yuan/ton

the supply of PE market in Linyi is general, the quotation changes little, the mentality is slightly good, and the transaction in the morning is still general. 2102tn26 is 9400 yuan/ton, and Yangzi 5000S is 10350 yuan/ton. The above price does not include tax

PE city of Qilu Chemical industry city should not put gaskets and sets with irregular patterns. In the morning, merchants tentatively reported higher prices, slightly higher than yesterday, but the inquiry was still light, and there were not many transactions for the time being. 7042 tax-free at RMB/ton, 2102tn26 tax-free at 9250 yuan/ton, 6098 yuan/ton, 2102tn00 market to find more goods, the source of goods is not much. The above price does not include tax

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