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Art paint technology promotion two pronged approach, the future market potential is great

art paint is a new type of wall decoration to match the digital use of data cloud art paint, which first originated in Europe, and advanced technology has also spread from Europe. After entering the domestic market, with its novel decorative style and unusual decorative effect, it is welcomed and respected by people

with the development of science and technology and the progress of society, art, as it is our conscience, paint has begun to appear temporarily, and it is used in more and more occasions, such as clubs, hotels, shopping malls and home decoration markets with avant-garde decoration. Art paint not only overcomes the shortcomings of latex paint, such as single color, no layering, easy discoloration of wallpaper, warping, blistering, seams, short service life and so on; It also has the advantages of easy construction and long service life of emulsion paint, as well as the characteristics of exquisite wallpaper patterns and good decorative effect. It is a high-tech product integrating the advantages of emulsion paint and wallpaper. Although art paint has many advantages, its fatal point is the construction problem. Because the requirements of art coating for construction personnel are extremely strict, the construction process of art coating is not as simple as wallpaper. Because the final effect is closely related to the quality and professional technology of construction personnel, technicians should be carefully selected. Relevant experts also said that in China, as long as it is a regular brand, it will do relevant training for workers painting art paint to ensure its construction effect. At the same time, it also reminds consumers not to covet cheapness and ignore the effect

at the same time, hot welding and hot bending can be carried out. Healthy life is also the goal pursued by the majority of consumers, and there are also deep requirements for the paint used in home decoration. It can be seen that the development potential of water-based coatings in the market is huge. It is understood that some Chinese coating enterprises have also been committed to the development of water-based coatings, hoping to occupy more market share. As for art coatings, water-borne coatings will also become the inevitable way for their development. In addition, how to promote water-based paint is also a link that enterprises should pay attention to. Art coatings need to imperceptibly penetrate the significance of water-based paint for health and environmental protection to consumers, and drive the operation of the entire industrial chain. Using different promotion methods, let consumers really understand the meaning of water-based paint, so as to shorten the gap between China's paint industry and the world's advanced countries, and let consumers feel the real "health, environmental protection and safety". Therefore, the author believes that with people's understanding of the market, the marketing mode and sales channels of art coatings will become more and more mature, and will also be favored by more consumers

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