Overview of pneumatic conveying system for the hot

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Overview of the pneumatic conveying system supporting the sintering machine

the powder conveying in the upper process of the sintering machine generally adopts mechanical conveying, and there is powder. The bin pump and Shangyi of the "F" pneumatic conveying system are innovated, and the conveying pipeline is reasonably designed to achieve The application of f pressure pneumatic conveying system in sintering machine matching. This paper introduces the application examples of pneumatic conveying in sintering process that can be reached by imported and domestic joint venture manufacturers. This conveying technology can promote the development and application of pneumatic conveying technology in sintering process that can improve product quality into China. 3. The fixture itself is a locking mechanism, which is conducive to environmental protection.

in the process of sintering cattle production, the head, tail, ingredients, etc Most of the processes produce cattle and emit a large amount of dust, smoke and harmful gases, causing environmental pollution. In order to effectively control the pollution of dust to the environment, on the premise of not affecting the layout of sintering process and the good flame retardant effect of organic flame retardants, the dust producing points are generally sealed or extracted. After being purified by the dust collector, the dusty gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney through the dust removal fan. The dust collected by the dust collector has a high TFE content, which is of recycling value. It is necessary to use the conveying equipment hardware and electromechanical - hardware and electromechanical industry network marketing services

to return to the sintering ingredients. However, the dust remover has many dust discharge points and a large amount of ash, and the accumulation ratio of dust removal ash is large and the divergence is high, so it is difficult to transport it. At present, the traditional mechanical conveying method accounts for the vast majority of dust conveying in domestic sintering plants, and there are not many pneumatic conveying methods

Fujian Longjing environmental protection Co., Ltd. combined with the research results and engineering practice of positive pressure pneumatic conveying at home and abroad, developed material property research, established material classification and accurately determined conveying mode, developed pressure loss calculation model and software, and developed a more advanced pneumatic conveying device - sintering machine pneumatic conveying system. The pneumatic conveying technology of sintering machine is a conveying design technology based on the characteristics of materials. With high-quality products, it can realize the long-distance and high-efficiency positive pressure conveying of powder. It can be widely used in smelting and other industries. It has the advantages of low energy consumption, high degree of automation, no environmental pollution, less land occupation and so on. It is an advanced technology suitable for powder conveying

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