Overview of PE markets around China on September 6

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On September 6, the PE market overview of various places

the quotation of PE market in Hangzhou is stable, there is no obvious change, and the transaction is flat. In this regard, the quotation of varieties with less overhaul goods is high, but the transaction strength is not strong, and the merchants still actively ship

the PE market quotation in Wuhan was basically stable. The merchants maintained yesterday's level of shipment, the supply of goods was stable, and some varieties were out of stock. The buyer still focused on purchasing on demand, and the transaction was flat

the PE market in Qingdao continues to stabilize, with merchants having weak confidence in the market and great resistance to shipment. At present, downstream factories purchase on demand, and there is less centralized stock

the PE market price in Yuyao has little change, although the decline of oil price is less than that without setting attenuation); Reduce the import force (load) and export load appropriately, but the futures trend is uncertain, the market stabilizes, the quotation has no room for fluctuation, and the merchants ship more actively

the PE market quotation in Linyi was slightly sorted out, and some were slightly weaker. The futures opened in a narrow range, and the merchants' mentality was temporarily stable, but they lacked confidence in the future market. Downstream demand is weak and moving forward, mostly on the sidelines, with few transactions

there are not many sources of goods in Changzhou PE market. As the petrochemical price is stable, the quotation of merchants is basically stable. The crude oil slump affected the already lukewarm trading atmosphere, and there were not many goods left in the morning

the PE market quotation in Beijing was slightly sorted out, and some quotations were slightly weakened. LLDPE futures opened higher with shock, and the mentality of merchants was temporarily stable. However, at present, there are more uncertain factors in the global economy, and they lack confidence in the future market. The downstream inquiry is still not optimistic, the wait-and-see atmosphere is still strong, the trading atmosphere is light, and the firm offer is mainly negotiated

the PE market price in Qilu Chemical City is stable and small, the quotation of some brands continues to decline slightly, the market sentiment is not high, and the inquiry atmosphere is relatively light. In the morning, LLDPE futures rose to above 10800 yuan/ton after opening low, and the market was temporarily stable

the quotation of Qingzhou PE market is stable, and the quotation of merchants is mainly tentative offer, and the transaction is general. Today, the ex factory price of PetroChina continued to stabilize, and the market was temporarily supported

the products have been studied by the national construction engineering quality supervision and inspection center, the national building materials industrial building envelope materials and pipeline products, and it is pointed out that the quality supervision and inspection center and other institutions have detected that the PE market quotation in Xiongxian county is mainly stable, the merchants are mainly stable, the downstream factories/middlemen are generally enthusiastic about inquiry, and the market is generally light. Today, the ex factory price of petrochemicals is temporarily stable and the billing is normal

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