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Vialon: creativity takes off, dreams shine

if you don't innovate, you'll be eliminated. Facing the shorter competition cycle of the industry, how to quickly find good ideas and put them into practice is the biggest pressure for modern enterprises to survive with popular computers. Fortunately, because of the popularity of networks, enterprises have the opportunity to connect different resource forces inside and outside, and find good ways to achieve achievements that were not easy to achieve in the past at the early stage of product and service development. Such an open and innovative concept and practice is particularly important for the industry at this stage. We are in a key position that can connect the markets of Europe, America, East Asia and Southeast Asia. If we are not flexible enough, in the face of an increasingly open industrial environment, the overall development will be more and more closed. From the experience of past history, the closed strategy often leads to the stagnation of development. In the trend of action, the deepening and transformation of network application services is also an important clue to the future innovation momentum. Go beyond the previous limit, provide a better user experience, and truly save users a lot of labor costs

deeply cultivate core technologies, create customer value, and provide users with professional solutions for the integrated development of functional fibers and smart textiles, such as temperature regulation and conductivity. Velcro has never stopped innovating. The 192138 opening size designed at the beginning of entrepreneurship in 1995 has become an industry standard in the industrial automation industry, and many well-known brands follow up with this as a benchmark and operate according to this standard; The TFT true color mt506m hits the world with one machine, leading to bid farewell to the gray-scale and meet the industry trend in the TFT era, once again allowing weinview brand people to obtain type approval 3 In order to prevent rats from entering places with dense cables, the machine interface has become a master in the HMI industry; 16: 9 wide screen design, instantly set off a wave of narrow screen to wide screen, and became an industry pioneer; Cortex-a8 microprocessor and aluminum alloy shell were first adopted, so that Winton will continue to take the lead only through continuous innovation in products and technology. It will boldly change BST's operation mode in management practice: b:business, s:sales, t: technology, realize 1+1 2, and integrate forces to serve users. At the beginning of 2014, in order to serve users more systematically and better, the BST mode was upgraded to a four in one service mode, namely business + sales + technology + art, emphasizing the strength of the technical team, continuous optimization and hierarchical management

ie series is the upgrading work of IH series. The application design of remote monitoring is designed to meet the special applications of customers. Even if customers are not on the application site, they can control on-site operations, and the high-efficiency computing and processing ability can realize application upgrading. Since its launch in July last year, the 34mm thin lightweight appearance design and the sense of fluency of operation speed have aroused strong repercussions and praise from customers, which not only enriched the weinview product line, but also upgraded the product performance for manufacturers. Winning the innovative product award is well deserved. It is inseparable from the quality of products and the trust of customers. It is the strength work of Weilun Tongren who inherits and adheres to professional dedication and innovation all the way

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