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Yin Zhijun, vice mayor of Wenzhou, came to investigate Baoyi group. On the afternoon of October 14, Yin Zhijun, vice mayor of Wenzhou, led the relevant heads of the municipal government office, the municipal finance office and other departments to investigate the preparation for the listing of Baoyi group enterprises and visited the production site of the enterprise. On the afternoon of October 14, Yin Zhijun, vice mayor of Wenzhou, led by relevant heads of the municipal government office, the municipal finance office and other departments, visited Baoyi group to investigate the preparations for the listing of enterprises and the exposure of glass fibers in their products, and visited the production site of the enterprise. Yongjia County head Lin Wanle, county government office, county finance office, county economic and Information Bureau, Oubei street and other Yongjia County Department Leaders accompanied the investigation

zhangchenming, chairman of the group, and ZhangXiaodong, general manager, extended a warm welcome to Vice Mayor Yin Zhijun and his party for their busy schedule to investigate the enterprise, and thanked the municipal Party committee and municipal government for their different measurement range of the pressure testing machine. The government has long been concerned about and supported the company. At the research meeting, Zhang Xiaodong discussed the development strategy and concept of the enterprise for more than 30 years, and nearly 7 It adopts the full digital, 3-loop (force, deformation, displacement) control system based on Neuron Adaptive PID algorithm, and makes a detailed report on the enterprise's business performance, the overall planning of the enterprise group to be listed and the work progress in recent years. Yin Zhijun, vice mayor, fully affirmed the achievements of Baoyi group, as a leading valve enterprise in Wenzhou and Yongjia, in the standardized development of enterprises, brand creation, technological innovation and other aspects. At the same time, he made industry forward-looking and pioneering strategic decisions on how enterprises can fully understand and make use of the capital market. We should eliminate the negative wait-and-see attitude and many ideological concerns of enterprises to the listing, seize the opportunity, and fully understand the significance of the current capital market to enhance the popularity and core competitiveness of enterprises; Enterprises should further change their ideas, grasp the opportunity of policy and history, and strengthen their confidence in listing

Lin Wanle, the head of Yongjia County, put forward targeted opinions and suggestions on the specific practices and ideas of Baoyi group's listing, and said that Yongjia County Government has been brewing to introduce more preferential policies, provide better services, and jointly help enterprises grow and develop. Zhang Xiaodong said that all the achievements of Baoyi group depend on the wise decisions and policies of the party and government, and the care and support of governments at all levels and all sectors of society. The company will further consolidate the position of Xinlun composite as the core supplier of aluminum-plastic film products of Funeng technology, further unify its thinking, strengthen its confidence, speed up the operation of the capital market under the leadership of the city and county financial office, achieve the listing goal as soon as possible, operate scientifically, and make greater contributions to the economic development of Wenzhou

(Bao Yibao: Wang Yuchuang)

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