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From June 12 to 16, 2007, the fourth China International Printing Technology Exhibition, a top-level event in the printing industry jointly hosted by China International Exhibition Center Group and China Printing Technology Association, opened in Beijing at the China International Exhibition Center. Shenzhen weiluntong Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in this event, and mt8000 series human-machine interface products attracted widespread attention

on site: the Velcro technology booth is particularly popular

the author found on site that the booth 1056 in hall 10 where the Velcro technology electromechanical forward turn is located is particularly popular. On the first day of the opening of the International Exhibition on new printing technology, the staff of Velcro technology received nearly 100 dealers from all over the country and hundreds of heads of relevant enterprises, and an endless stream of customers came to the Velcro technology booth to learn about the participating products and ask for product information. Weiluntong mt8000 series products attracted great interest from exhibitors. Many customers soon reached purchase intentions with weiluntong technology, and even some customers signed orders for mt8000 series products on site

products: mt8000 stands out alone and deserves its reputation

then, what are the advantages of Winton technology mt8000 series human-machine interface products, which have been warmly pursued by customers? The author learned from manager Wang of Beijing office that weiluntong Technology North hopes to bring help to the majority of users: mt8000 series human-machine interface products have super compatibility and can support the direct connection of most PLCs in the market; 65536 color true color display, high brightness LCD touch screen; Through the Ethernet downloadable program, multiple touch screens can be grouped arbitrarily, but some users often choose the 3M model when their experimental space is about 2m; Three groups of serial ports can use three different communication protocols at the same time... The powerful and perfect functions of mt8000 series human-machine interface products can meet all the needs of large and medium-sized enterprises for human-machine interface products, and create the greatest value for customers. Winton mt8000 series is well-known for its outstanding performance

highlights: professional achievements Gold Medal human-machine interface experts

in this regard, an authoritative person in the industry stressed that the success of weiluntong technology series products lies not only in the perfect functions and excellent cost performance of weiluntong technology human-machine interface products, but also in the professionalism, concentration and focus of weiluntong technology on the human-machine interface industry

Weilun technology, the parent company of Shenzhen weiluntong Technology Co., Ltd., has always focused on the innovation of human-machine interface since its establishment. It is the only world-class human-machine interface expert in the three places on both sides of the Taiwan Strait! Weilun technology has successively established scientific research and project cooperation relations with many well-known universities, scientific research institutions and laboratories, invested heavily to establish first-class professional R & D centers in Taiwan and Shenzhen, and successfully launched weinview brand MT500 and mt8000 series products, which are the wind vane leading the development of human-machine interface industry

champion quality, professional manufacturing! Velcro technology deserves the title of "gold medal human-machine interface expert in terms of current experiments"

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