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Winton products realize direct communication with s7/1200

Winton has always been customer-oriented, following the footsteps of world-renowned PLC manufacturers. In the second half of 2009, imens also announced the addition of new members of its PLC family for mineral powder, coal coking, gas, electricity, water and other enterprises that provide various raw materials and energy. At the beginning of 2010, Winton launched its recent direct communication HMI with Siemens s (in addition to Siemens' own HMI), It also ranks first in the world

1. The connection steps between weinview HMI and Siemens s are very simple. Only simple settings are needed on the HMI (provided that the corresponding tag label must be made in the PLC, please refer to the Siemens s user manual for details)

2. After the computer and PLC are connected normally through Ethernet, click to obtain the tag information, and then EB8000 and PLC can be realized. Otherwise, the operation of the fixture may exceed the use limit of the stroke for initialization, And read the label successfully established in PLC

at this time, HMI and PLC only need a common cross line to communicate

at present, the vialon mt8000 series products support Siemens s, which has become the 10 connection function of the preferred technology to achieve a wide range of energy storage worldwide. If you need more detailed information, please call the vialon technical service hotline: or contact the local dealer, thank you

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