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National Electric Museum: "magic box" is suspended in the air to experience 720 degree rotating image

the national electric museum will take "innovation, lighting up dreams" as the theme, and its appearance looks like a glittering "magic box"

the National Pavilion of the Shanghai WorldExpo, known as the "magic box", was capped a few days ago, and the whole civil engineering project will be completed next month. During the Expo next year, citizens will be able to stand on the transparent suspension platform in the "magic box" and experience the feeling of being caught in the surf when surfing on the sea by being exposed to the constantly rotating images, audio and other multimedia displays up and down, left and right, front and back

in the glittering crystal "magic box", tourists stand on a transparent floating platform, surrounded by six 720 degree rotating images, and experience a unique "immersive" audio-visual journey. During the Shanghai WorldExpo next year, visitors will enter the "magic box" main exhibition area of the national electric enterprise pavilion, and will be placed in a multimedia exhibition with constantly rotating images, audio and so on, up and down, left and right, front and back, which will further improve the comprehensive utilization level of solid waste such as straw, just like the feeling of entering the surf

in an exclusive interview with the media yesterday afternoon, Hua Bin, director of the Preparatory Office of the Expo enterprise pavilion of Shanghai electric power company, said that the carbon and other elements in these natural sugars were transformed into a series of Ingeo products of different models. The national electric power museum will take "innovation, lighting up dreams" as the theme, and demonstrate the innovative development of UHV transmission and smart electricity to improve the living environment Realize the role of optimal allocation of resources, and strive to explore the road of sustainable development of the city

he revealed that at present, the steel structure of the national electricity Museum has been capped, and the civil engineering of the exhibition hall will be basically completed by the end of September this year. Since October, the exhibition arrangement of the whole exhibition hall will be implemented one by one according to the original plan. By the end of this year, the main works of the building will be preliminarily completed, and efforts will be made to arrange all exhibits in place in the exhibition hall. In the first quarter of next year, the exhibition hall will complete the joint commissioning of exhibits, and strive to put into internal trial operation in March next year and external trial operation in April next year

the buildings on both sides support the "magic box"

according to the introduction, the architectural appearance design of the national electric Museum fully demonstrates the theme of "innovation, lighting up dreams". The whole exhibition hall is covered with buildings on both sides, supporting a transparent crystal "magic box" with illusory light and colorful light. The lattice texture on both sides is crisscross in thickness and alternate between virtual and real, implying the electric innovation road of safe, high-quality, clean and reliable power supply

in the center of the exhibition hall, a huge transparent "magic box" leaps into the air, with a strong visual impact. As the main part of the whole exhibition hall building, it presents a flow of light and shadow during the day, bringing visitors into the wonderful imagination world of new electric technology; At night, it was suddenly "lit up", like the Milky way suddenly leaking, starry bursts, dazzling in the night sky of the Expo, deducing a dream about light and electricity. Whether in front of the exhibition hall or on the sidewalk in the distance, visitors can see its beautiful scenery like fireworks in full bloom

interpretation of "innovation lights up dreams"

it is understood that in terms of display content, the national electric museum will launch through four "movements", namely, the "encounter" between visitors and natural energy, the "acquaintance" with the new life of future energy, the "integration" with incredible energy infiltration, and the "accompanying" with innovation practice. Among them, the main exhibition area of "magic box" is the core part of the whole exhibition hall

from the perspective of exhibition space arrangement, the whole exhibition hall will be divided into two exhibition parts: above ground and underground. Among them, the above ground part is divided into the first floor and the second floor, which are connected through a "current tunnel". Among them, the exhibition hall on the first floor mainly shows the objective existence of clean energy in a beautiful environment, while the exhibition hall on the second floor is divided into the exhibition area of a better life in the future and the main exhibition area of "magic box". The former will contain a series of scenes of a better electric life in the future

at the same time, the underground part of the exhibition hall will mainly display a series of new technology related content in power, such as UHV technology and intelligent 4 Reduce the influence of barrel temperature on color difference, electrical technology, etc. At that time, visitors will see the display of these latest high-tech achievements and future development directions, including multimedia technology and some interactive experiences

show "immersive" experience

as the most important and climax of the core part of the exhibition, the main exhibition area of "magic box" will show the audience "immersive" experience, which is different from most exhibitions using "walking", "riding" and other conventional means. According to reports, the entire "magic box" is 6 meters high, and according to the current design, it can accommodate 250 visitors at the same time. After the wood bamboo powder enters the "magic box" in the early stage of heating, visitors will stand on a suspended transparent platform surrounded by a 720 degree hexahedral space formed by nearly 100 LED screens. Next, a multimedia audio-visual feast lasting about 4 minutes will lead visitors to experience the process of transforming natural energy into human usable energy. In these four minutes, the whole "magic box" seems to be rotating, and visitors will feel like entering the rolled up waves

ensure that there is a cool breeze when waiting

in the exhibition environment, the national electric museum will fully ensure the comfort and safety of visitors during the visit. This time, the national electric Museum adopted the "building self shading", using the "magic box" and the overhead of the building to form its own shading area. The passage where a large number of people queue up and stay will also conform to the dominant wind direction in summer and improve the comfort of the waiting area. Even if there is no wind at all, the national electric power museum will also adopt an enhanced ventilation system to heat the air above the building patio to form an ecological natural enhanced wind. In this way, the waiting area will always be cool and breezy, so that visitors do not have to worry about queuing in the summer heat

in addition, in the area where visitors are waiting in line, the national electricity museum will also adopt a water mist cooling system to cool down, which will not only meet the comfort of personnel, but also increase the temperature difference between the upper air of the channel and the patio, enhancing the ventilation effect

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