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Viavi released observer sightops to help hybrid IT network visualization

ctiforum 2 fieldbus is an open, fully digital, two-way, multi station communication system between field intelligent instruments and control rooms. News on August 16 (Li Wenjie): Nowadays, more and more enterprises must face the practical operation problems it brings while enjoying the flexibility, scalability and economy of cloud solutions, That is, the network will include traditional devices, private clouds and public clouds at the same time. It is estimated that at present, 80% of enterprises have implemented this hybrid IT architecture and saved about 38.89 million tons in China. A powerful solution is urgently needed to uniformly monitor the infrastructure of key instructions and troubleshoot in time. To meet this demand, viavi (NASDAQ: viav) today launched observersightops, a comprehensive solution that can monitor and capture data packets for the entire hybrid network due to the indication deviation caused by the incorrect dynamometer device

sightops is a further expansion of the proven Viagra observer platform and is the result of cooperative development with sciencelogic announced in November 2015. According to sciencelogic's annual report on hybrid it trends, 81% of the surveyed enterprises have adopted hybrid IT architecture, but 62% of them are basically blind attempts and lack visual monitoring. According to relevant research data, some monitoring solutions are provided separately for physical, virtual, private and public cloud networks, which makes it very difficult and time-consuming to create a unified view, and will affect the real-time response to failures and threats

sightops can provide comprehensive infrastructure monitoring, which covers the current traditional infrastructure (such as physical routers, switches, load balancers and firewalls), virtual and private cloud environments, as well as public clouds (including amazonwebservice, microsoftazure, ibmsoftlayer and vmwarevcloudair)

observersightops zoned integrated dashboard

in addition, brightops also integrates the observergigastor retrospective network analysis (RNA) system, which combines the hybrid it monitoring and packet capture capabilities, and eliminates faults more quickly and completely by automatically performing network anomaly investigations and providing direct access to packets during special investigations

Other main features of

sightops include:

automatic discovery, monitoring and mapping of dependencies in hybrid it

is currently the only system that provides real-time discovery, mapping and visualization of storage, networking and computing components for public cloud manufacturers AWS and microsoftazure

truly ensure the security of multi tenants, and a partitioned view for multiple stakeholders

the automation of runbook can simplify and realize the automation of main it processes

facing the future, it supports the software definition network (SDN) using Cisco ACI

tomfawcett, general manager of enterprise and cloud Department of Viagra, said: hybrid it is not a transitional state, but has become a common choice for enterprises. As the first comprehensive network monitoring and packet capture solution in the industry, observersightops can not only significantly improve the management of existing infrastructure, but also help enterprises accelerate the application of virtualization and cloud technology

about viavi (viav)

the software and hardware platforms and instruments of viav (NASDAQ: viav) can provide end-to-end visualization services in physical, virtual and hybrid networks. We get accurate data and operational insight from the network ecosystem, so as to optimize the service experience, increase customer loyalty, bring greater benefits to customers, and complete the transition to a new generation of technology faster. In addition, we are also a leader in the fields of real money anti-counterfeiting, high-quality optical devices, safety instruments and electronic instruments, as well as other application solutions, which can meet the diverse government and commercial needs

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