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Weisheng Luke ushered in a new era of X86 platform

the development of PC platform based on X86 instruction set has been a combination of CPU and motherboard chipsets. Now, as a global leader in IC design and PC platform solutions, Weisheng electronics has launched an unprecedented product "Luke", which directly encapsulates CPU and Beiqiao chips

in fact, this initiative is not the most eye-catching place for Luke to exclude from the following three aspects. Luke is also most proud of the epoch-making reduction of the embedded platform based on the x86 instruction set to a truly "palm size". In a size smaller than the area of the CD box, it integrates all the functions of a PC host except storage, which is amazing. As the core component of the embedded system, theoretically, the smaller the size of the embedded motherboard, the easier it is to be applied in more aspects. Luke is the latest "slimming" work of the vepd embedded platform division of via. Despite Luke's mini figure, its performance and peripheral device support are not ambiguous according to incomplete statistics. Luke integrates a via Eden -n processor with a dominant frequency of up to 1g Hz and is packaged with the cn400 digital multimedia north bridge chip of via that supports DDR400 memory. In this way, the progress of precision medicine and the utilization of medical big data. The original "North Bridge" has a "super North Bridge" that integrates traditional North Bridge chips, CPUs and display cores. The most commendable thing is that such a "super chip" can operate normally without a fan. Ouyangming said that it is impossible for either Intel or AMD's 1g Hz CPU to operate under such conditions. In addition to the 8237 South Bridge, which is widely used by via in desktop mainboards today, Luke can have the most popular peripheral and storage devices through 1394, USB2.0, SATA and other interfaces, and it is even unambiguous to use it to assemble a PC. Mini + quiet + performance, Luke is worthy of being the masterpiece of via in the embedded field

Luke first appeared at the 2005 embedded system conference held in San Francisco in March this year. Chen Wenqi, general manager of via electronics, said that via continued to develop miniaturized systems and the most power-saving integration technology on the X86 platform, and was not limited to the back-end such as motherboard/system, but extended to the integrated research and development work at the chip level; The Luke processing platform of corefusion series is another example of Weisheng's active innovation and continuous leadership in embedded platforms. It also provides the highest level of processing technology, the fastest digital media and data encryption efficiency for today's embedded market, so that customers who develop small-scale embedded devices can enjoy substantial benefits

one of the development directions of embedded platforms is the trend of miniaturization. The high integration design of Luke processing platform makes it possible to reduce the board area by about 15% compared with the solutions of other competitors. At the same time, the design and wiring of the motherboard has also been greatly simplified

"what is condensed is essence" - Luke proved this sentence in the computer field

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