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Vianton IAS launch, invite you to touch the future of science and technology

on November 1-5, 2011, the 13th China International Industry Expo on the practice and utilization of industry 4.0 ushered in her new grand event in Shanghai New International Expo Center, a first-class modern exhibition hall in Asia. As its most distinctive exhibition, IAS exhibition was a grand feast in the field of automation, with thousands of merchants gathering and wonderful gathering

as a leader in the HMI industry, Weilun Tong continued the excellent performance of the southwest exhibition in the first half of the year and the exhibition of fa/pa in Beijing. With the theme of "touch the pulse of technology, smart start green life", it effectively displayed the high-end application-oriented products and solutions represented by the new generation of high-end products wt series, comprehensively and deeply developed, and clearly conveyed its global human-machine interface construction system and concept, Once again, it shows its leading position in the HMI industry and continues its legend in this important market

"creation and development" has been the corporate mission of wintone since its establishment 16 years ago. Now wintone has been deeply rooted in the human-machine interface industry, but the human-machine interface market is in the ascendant and has great prospects. With the advent of the era of low-carbon economy, the keywords of green, science and technology, environmental protection and intelligence have been widely used in people's minds and filled in all aspects of life. Seeking innovation in stability, in order to develop and grow, Velcro must keep up with the trend of the times, change "manufacturing" into "creation", and show the advantages of "I have no one, I have my excellence". The case application in the field of new energy 1. Affirming the safety and pressure resistance of cartons and the quality index standard of stacking is a good attempt of Velcro

one touch, all over the world! Wintone invites you to touch the bright future of "green technology" together

general mobilization before the exhibition

gold medal smile, a beautiful scenery in the exhibition

four star application cases in the field of new energy

technical engineers patiently and carefully explain our products and software applications to Chinese and foreign friends

technical engineers test the physical health status of the audience on site and explain the application of our products in this regard

exhibition site, Nylon material tableland is not easy to absorb sweat. Real time image input, smart home solutions, charging piles and other applications in the field of new energy have become the focus of audience attention, and the scenery here is unique. The picture shows the engineer giving a live explanation to the audience

the on-site interactive session high turns the whole audience

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