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Via embedded motherboard EPIA

China is a large marine country. With the rapid development of marine economy, the safety of ship navigation has become more and more important. Electronic chart machine is a kind of equipment similar to on-board navigator, which can command ships to navigate safely in the vast sea. At present, electronic chart machines have been widely used in ship navigation, ship pilotage, maritime management, ship traffic management, water engineering construction and many other fields. The application of electronic chart machine not only provides a more reliable guarantee for the safety of shipping, but also provides strong support for the construction of water related industries

electronic chart machine takes the electronic chart display and information system of international standards (IHO S-57, S-52, S-63) as the core, and integrates GPS, AIS, radar, compass, detector, rudder angle indicator and other ship borne equipment, which requires that the core computing and processing unit of electronic chart machine has high integration and stability, and can connect the above-mentioned equipment and comprehensively process and use all kinds of information. Via embedded motherboard epia-m840 can meet the system integration requirements of this kind of electronic chart machine

a well-known domestic shipborne equipment manufacturer, using via embedded motherboard epia-m840 as the core control unit of the electronic chart machine system, launched a highly integrated and powerful electronic chart machine system by connecting GPS, AIS, compass and other equipment. Via embedded motherboard epia-m840 is based on via low-power nano processor, and can adopt fan free design to meet the requirements of terminal equipment system heat dissipation, so as to ensure that the system can operate stably 24 hours a day in harsh environments. Therefore, the advanced via low-power CPU technology enables the system to have excellent processing capacity and improve the operation speed of the whole system. Epia-m840 integrates CF card slots, Gigabit ports, 6 USB ports and 8 COM ports, providing a broad space for system expansion and upgrading, and can easily connect various peripheral monitoring systems. It is an ideal platform for many embedded applications, such as industrial automation, self-service terminals, POI and h. people begin to use computer simulation technology to predict the performance of materials MI. The rear board i/o includes dual Gigabit local interface, ps/2 interface, one VGA interface, two RS-232 5v/12v optional COM interfaces, four USB 2.0 interfaces and audio interfaces. The pin on the board has two dual channel 24 bit LVDS connection support (including backlight control), an additional set of six COM interfaces, and a set of two Port USB interfaces, LPT support, digital i/o, sir and LPC connectors, a PCIe X4 slot and a CF card slot

about Weidan, it looks lower than before. Epia-m840 motherboard

key features:

1) Weisheng nano e series processor "We believe that these products will help our customers meet their needs for prototype design and manufacturing using 3D printing

2) optional active and passive cooling configuration

3) integrated via chrome9 HC3 DX9 3d/2d graphics core with MPEG-2 and wmv9 hard decoding acceleration

4) support VGA and dual channel LVDS display

5) support dual Gigabit Ethernet

6) support PCIe x4

7) eight COM interfaces

8(6) six US B 2.0 interface

9) support high-definition audio

10) designed for advanced industrial automation, self-service machine and HMI application

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