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Ren Airong, vice governor of Shandong Province, and his party came to Shantui for research

Ren Airong, vice governor of Shandong Province, and his party came to Shantui for research

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on January 17, Ren Airong, vice governor of Shandong Province, and his party came down to Shantui for research accompanied by zhangshengming, vice mayor of Jining City. Li Dianhe, the general manager of the company, received Ren Airong and his delegation and accompanied them to visit the general assembly workshop of the bulldozer division of the company

During the visit, Li Dianhe introduced the development process, production and operation of Shantui, including slotting, forging and other procedures. He said that in recent years, the company has adhered to scientific development, actively explored the transformation from practice to mode and structure, accelerated the transformation to a quality and benefit oriented enterprise, relied on the advantages of bulldozer technology and products, implemented brand strategy, and achieved rapid growth in domestic and overseas sales, maintaining a leading position in the industry for many consecutive years

Ren Airong learned about the company's products, industrial layout, market operation and other aspects in detail, mainly asked about the current situation of the company's export business and the next development direction, spoke highly of the company's development achievements, and put forward opinions and suggestions for the company's future development

weihuaxiang, Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government, Ji 5 - sample surface; The main leaders of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Jining high tech Zone attended the survey, accompanied by the heads of the company's administrative department, bulldozer business department and other relevant departments

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