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International industry giants have "targeted" Anji bentonite in Zhejiang Province

international industry giants have "targeted" Anji bentonite in Zhejiang Province

July 15, 2008

[China paint information] international industry giants have "targeted" Anji bentonite. Such favorable interest rates have made relevant Anji bentonite enterprises extremely excited, which means that with the wings of science and technology, The comprehensive development and utilization level of Anji local bentonite resources will be greatly improved. Taking this opportunity, let's extend our vision a little more, pay attention to and discuss how the bentonite enterprises in our county will develop in the future while having good resource advantages

the enterprise has been closely watched by the industry giants, and has asked for cooperation on several occasions, from import to production. This is a dream for many enterprises, but such a good thing has recently troubled chenzhijue, general manager of Anji Yuhong clay Chemical Co., Ltd. Because, in this way, the negotiation and cooperation are two international enterprise giants. Chen Zhijue is happy but also has a difficult time: which of the two enterprises to choose

these two industry giants come from the United States and Italy respectively, and their comprehensive strength is the top three listed well-known enterprises in the industry. What makes Chen Zhijue even more difficult is that the two giants have offered him preferential terms of cooperation. Why do the top and second largest enterprises in the world favor Anji enterprises so much, and what attracts them to compete for the opportunity to cooperate with Anji enterprises

all because a special clay small panel control system did not achieve the expected application effect bentonite. Bentonite is a kind of clay rock mainly composed of montmorillonite minerals or the available content of montmorillonite minerals. Bentonite has a variety of properties and characteristics, which determines that bentonite is widely used in industry. It can be used in animal and vegetable oil refining, petroleum, paper making, food, chemical industry, casting, pharmaceutical and other fields. It is known as "soil with thousands of uses". This is the reason why international industry giants aim at it

Gaoyu Town, Anji county is known as the "hometown of bentonite". The proven storage of bentonite in this town is more than 25million tons, ranking first in Zhejiang Province. Due to its shallow burial, it is easy to mine, and the large impurity particles are easy to remove. Montmorillonite, the main useful component of bentonite, can be purified to more than 98%, so its quality ranks first in China

"they are optimistic about Anji's rich bentonite resources and hope to find a large-scale enterprise in the local area for cooperation. The opportunity is very rare for us." Chenzhijue said that the project of cooperation between the two giants is to develop a series of high value-added nano bentonite products, which is a cutting-edge scientific and Technological Development in the world. The average price of the products is more than 100 times higher than that of ordinary bentonite after positioning, which greatly improves the comprehensive development and utilization level of local bentonite resources in Anji

bentonite is a limited resource, and low-level development and utilization is a great waste of resources. According to insiders, at present, the price of bentonite in Anji is higher than that of tens of thousands of yuan per ton, and lower than that of hundreds of yuan per ton. The price difference is very large. The main reason is that there are not many medium-sized enterprises and 305 expanded perlite thermal insulation products in many bentonite processing enterprises, and there are fewer scientific and technological enterprises. The utilization of resources is still at a low level, and the cutting-edge development is still blank at present

Wang Kang, deputy director of the county science and Technology Bureau, believes that no matter which international giant cooperates with Anji enterprises, it is an excellent opportunity for the development and utilization of Anji bentonite resources, and the two sides are a win-win cooperation. "With their scientific and technological strength and our resources, both sides have found a good basis for cooperation." Wang Kang said that in the long run, this is conducive to the long-term development and effective utilization of Anji bentonite resources

the "targeting" of Anji bentonite by international giants has brought good news for cooperation on the one hand. From the side, the level of development of bentonite resources by local enterprises in Anji still needs to be improved

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