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The international medical plastic products market is developing rapidly

at present, the international medical market is growing rapidly, but the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the barrier to enter the market is becoming higher and higher. However, for the plastic industry, a good news is that polymers have become the core materials of most medical devices and drug packaging R & D centers after linear amplification into 0 ~ 5V electrical signals that can be received by a/d

recently, European plastic inverter Group E will go straight to UPC and launch a new department for the pharmaceutical industry: Med Pharm plast Europe. At the plastic frequency converter industry conference held in Brussels in October, the group won peer praise for the innovative application of plastic frequency converter in the medical device industry and drug packaging. Med Pharm plast Europe aims to rapidly develop the market and safeguard the competitiveness of European companies in the international market

international medical plastic products

in the environment of rapid market development, a sound regulatory mechanism is very necessary. For example, on October 22, all members of the European Parliament voted on the provisions of the European Parliament and the Council on medical equipment. At the meeting, the European Parliament put forward a standard (0.1% by weight) and proposed to establish a procedure for authorizing actions. The committee can control the concentration of substances used in medical devices

eupc hopes that medical equipment and drug packaging enterprises and organizations will join Med Pharm plastic Europe to jointly establish a strong group to jointly safeguard the interests of specific plastic materials in the medical device and drug packaging market since june2013 under the supervision of the EU

eupc has obtained the license from the European Commission and will directly participate in the European medical device expert group on behalf of the medical device plastic industry. Several companies have expressed interest in joining the organization. On January 28 next year, Med Pharm plast Europe will be held in Brussels

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