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International joint action: 326000 tons of solid waste were seized. Release date: Source: legal system. On November 20, the fourth international joint action summary meeting of the goddess of the earth was held in Shanghai. It is learned that in this year's special action, countries (regions) have reported 214 cases, issued 73 early warning messages, and seized 326000 tons of solid waste, making all the achievements the most in the previous joint action of the Earth Goddess

through the fourth phase of the "Earth Goddess" international joint action and bilateral law enforcement cooperation, China Customs has carried out international (regional) investigation, joint investigation, overseas evidence collection and other law enforcement cooperation with 29 countries and regions on more than 40 domestic solid waste cases in progress, involving nearly 740000 tons of solid waste such as waste slag, waste plastics, waste cloth, waste paint and waste electronic products, With the assistance of all parties, three fugitive solid waste smugglers were successfully arrested and brought to justice for the crime of GB 8625 (8) 8. International (regional) law enforcement cooperation achieved groundbreaking results

1. Blocking the export of scrap metal containers from Belgium

in June 2018, the anti smuggling Bureau of the General Administration of Customs received information from Belgium's environmental protection department, saying that the container tghu was found to contain solid waste destined for Hong Kong, China when it was inspected at Antwerp Port. After investigation, it was found that the final destination of the container might be Guangdong, China. For example, the preliminary inspection shows that 91% of the substances in the container are heavy metal sheets, and 9% are plastic, rubber and other impurities

after consulting the relevant data, the anti smuggling Bureau of the General Administration preliminarily determined that this kind of solid waste should be classified as waste mechanical and electrical products or waste stainless steel scraps. After the anti smuggling Bureau of the General Administration fed back the opinion that the goods should not be exported to China, for example, the container was successfully blocked from exporting from Europe

2. Refuse British waste plastics outside the country

on September 13, 2018, the British environmental protection department reported that similar solid wastes had been found in the containers to be exported to China, and 13 containers had been sent to Shanghai, with a total estimated weight of 300 tons. The anti smuggling Bureau of the General Administration of Customs directs the anti smuggling Bureau of Shanghai Customs to carry out strict monitoring throughout the whole process, maintain close contact with relevant ports along the way, and strictly prevent false reports and illegal unloading. Finally, in 9 of the 13 containers notified by the British side (containing about 200 tons of waste plastic, a new lightweight nano porous solid material, aerogel), the shipper was forced to declare the goods and send them back to the UK. The remaining four containers have been transported to Shanghai. The anti smuggling Bureau of the General Administration of Customs has informed Shanghai Customs to carry out control. If the containers are declared for import, they will be immediately inspected. This action forced smugglers to pay a huge freight cost, effectively squeezing the profit space of criminals

3. Obtaining the evidence materials of solid waste cases from Iran

through bilateral international cooperation channels, we cooperated with the Iranian customs and police on the "3.25" smuggling of solid waste into the country by the anti smuggling Bureau of Gongbei Customs, and obtained the overseas export declaration number, product name, commodity code, price, weight, ship name, voyage and other information, as well as the bill of lading and other materials with fair direct selling price of the export manufacturer, It plays an important role in determining the subjective intention of the suspect

4. Strictly prevent the smuggling and import of solid wastes through Vietnam

the anti Smuggling Investigation Bureau of Vietnam Customs recently informed the anti smuggling Bureau of the General Administration of customs that 15000 containers containing solid wastes from various countries in Vietnam were stranded at ports without declaration. Among them, 5000 containers have been detained for more than 90 days, and 4500 have no legal formalities. According to China's analysis, these solid wastes cannot be exported to China because they do not meet China's environmental protection standards; Influenced by China, Vietnam has also introduced policies to prohibit the import of solid wastes and increased inspection efforts, resulting in these solid wastes being unable to enter Vietnam, resulting in detention in ports. If this batch of solid wastes is not handled properly, there will be a risk of smuggling into China. To this end, the anti smuggling Bureau of the General Administration of Customs notified relevant departments and the anti smuggling Bureau of the customs directly under the General Administration of Customs to pay close attention to this risk, closely followed the trend of this batch of containers through the fourth phase of the "Earth Goddess" international joint operation and the channels of China Vietnam customs international law enforcement cooperation, stepped up communication and coordination with relevant parties in Vietnam, and formulated countermeasures, Strictly prevent this batch of garbage from entering China, such as "foreign enterprises only stop the movement of the 10 prefix and continue to add a certain amount of experimental force to make the 10 prefix move slightly" ("experimental force maintenance")

at the meeting, niyuefeng, director of the General Administration of Customs of China, said in his keynote speech that combating the illegal cross-border transfer of solid wastes is the common goal of all countries and regions. The Chinese customs looks forward to strengthening cooperation with international organizations, countries and regions to jointly build a clean and beautiful world with universal security, common prosperity

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