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Yokogawa new low-power autonomous controller provides help for remote asset management

the new low-power autonomous controller fcn-rtu is Yokogawa's star product in remote asset management. The accuracy grade is 0.01N, the accuracy is better than ± 1% of the indicated value, the measurement range is 2%~100%, the measurement accuracy is better than ± 1% of the indicated value, the resolution is 0.01mm, the speed is 1mm/min ~ 500mm/min, stepless speed regulation is a registered product of FF integrated host system, which can enable FF to realize remote application in unmanned and dangerous environments. In terms of design, fcn-rtu has many characteristics that are suitable for the wide area and this kind of strange film energy removal storage pesticide distribution application


low power consumption, Power failure safety system

flexible power supply module (wide voltage range, VDC, suitable for solar applications)

multiple communication modes (three RS-232 serial ports and one rs-422/485 interface)

explosion proof protection (FM flame retardant certification, ATEX type N, CSA)


AGA calculation (no gas can reach the calculation of flow rate from zero to infinity)

field verification Library of conventional control

autonomous features (Embedded Web server, log function)

international standard programming language (all five IEC programming languages)

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