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Yokogawa Electric Corporation received an order for the control system of large onshore gas storage facilities in the UK. Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced that its subsidiary Yokogawa Electric Corporation (UK) received an order of millions of pounds from ssehornsea, with a marginal cost close to zero, and was responsible for upgrading the onshore underground gas storage facility located in atwick, East Yorkshire, which is one of the largest onshore underground gas storage facilities in the UK

Yokogawa electric (UK) will provide it with integrated control and safety systems and measurement solutions. The order includes the supply and installation of Yokogawa Electric's flagship CENTUM VP integrated production control system to control the gas compressor. The project also includes ProSafe RS integrated safety instrument system, which helps to ensure the process safety of the facility

atwick gas storage facilities are nine salt caverns built in the rock salt layer 1.8km underground, with a gas storage capacity of about 325million cubic meters. The gas is delivered to the station and injected into the salt cavern for storage. When necessary, the gas is extracted from the salt cavern, dried, and then exported to the national gas transmission system. In the past, it was generally a sample preparation and detection system. The British geological survey believes that compared with the above ground storage tank facilities, the underground gas storage capacity is larger and the cost is lower. If carefully constructed and monitored, the safety level can be increased

this order is a part of SSE project. By improving control, compression and measurement, it can extend the service life of the station and realize peak shaving and long-term storage. The purpose of this project is to replace the old control with a new control/safety system that is easy to maintain and can be supported. As an important means to realize precision extrusion, the utilization of melt gear pump must strengthen the development and research of the control system to ensure the availability of the control system and the future industrial utility of the facility

winning this order is Yokogawa Electric's great success. Davidclough, the sales director of Yokogawa electric (UK) company, said that our product quality and technical advantages, as well as the experience and contribution of engineers have been recognized by customers. We will strive to achieve the goal of the project, extend the service life of the equipment and maintain safety at the same time

hermanvandenberg, President of Yokogawa electric (Europe), believes that natural gas is usually stored in underground facilities in Europe and North America. Affected by the increase in shale gas production, many similar new and upgrading projects are under planning. Yokogawa electric takes the natural gas industry as the target market. We believe that this project can increase our expertise in natural gas a, tensile testing: tensile testing of various tensile springs, storage control and safety applications. We intend to share this knowledge with the whole group

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