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Yokohama tire plans to expand the production capacity of the Philippine factory

according to foreign media, Yokohama tire company of Japan plans to invest US $640million in COMAC to undertake the development task of low-cost fuselage and tail wing work package, expand its factory in the Philippines, and make its daily output reach 50000 by 2017

the Yokohama tire factory in the Philippines is located in the Clark free port area, and the daily production capacity of the factory is 21000. At present, the localization procurement rate of raw materials required by the factory to produce tires is only 6%. By 2017, Yokohama tire plans to increase this proportion to 50%

Yokohama tire Clark factory was established in 1996. The factory currently employs 1950 employees, mainly producing inch diameter tires for passenger cars and SUV models

② press the sample clamping key, and the upper collet of the instrument starts to run upward to move the clamping length. When the upper collet reaches the set clamping length, the electromechanical stops running. 96% of the tires produced by the Philippine factory are used for export, and the remaining 4% are sold locally in the Philippines. The tires produced by the factory are mainly exported to North America, Europe and Southeast Asia

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