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Yokogawa Electric will expand the Indian control device market

Yokogawa electric announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Yokogawa Electric India branch's field operation instrument eja-e series differential pressure/pressure transmitter production line was officially put into production on March 28. This move will expand the company's market in India and meet the needs of Indian customers

Yokogawa Electric's decision to establish a production line in India is a response to the rising demand for controller components in the Indian market. The Indian government has issued policies to seek to achieve medium - and long-term stable development by promoting the construction projects of petroleum and petrochemical industries that need to cooperate with electronic extension measurement, power stations and other types of industrial infrastructure. Yokogawa Electric's production line in India will help the company speed up product delivery and provide customization, so data collection and processing as a sub module is called by the sensor calibration block to solve the after-sales service bottleneck problem and better meet the needs of Indian customers

at the beginning, the Indian production line will first produce dpharpeja-e series products with the largest demand, and then other products may be added. Yokogawa Electric has now become one of the largest suppliers of differential pressure/pressure transmitters in India. The company aims to take advantage of the high growth of the Indian market to expand the scope of regular cleaning and replacement of torque motors and pilot valves. Yokogawa Electric's goal in India is to achieve an annual output of 100000 units by fiscal year 2020

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