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Yixun won the 2020 CTI forum recommendation award

on December 18, the 2020 CTI forum recommendation award and industry application and market analysis theme Salon Hosted by CTI forum was held in Beijing. As a leading all media interaction center solution provider in Greater China, Yixun was highly recognized by the organizers and review experts with excellent technical strength and high-quality service level, Won the CTI recommendation award AI intelligent video double recording solution and the best technology

the award-winning AI intelligent video double recording solution adopts the seamless integration of AI intelligent technology, virtual human technology and video communication technology to provide AI intelligent virtual human double recording solution, improve user experience and reduce labor costs

asr speech recognition technology: recognize the questions answered by users through ASR

tts text to speech technology: broadcast business process scripts through TTS

business process configuration management: business processes can be dynamically configured, and parameters of scripts in related businesses can be customized

video customer service communication platform: it provides a real-time two-way video interaction service platform, virtual human video technology, and real-time double recording function

virtual human and video customer service platform integration technology: virtual human and users integrate video technology, virtual human voice synchronization, and provide a real user experience

applet access: provide the communication access ability between applet video and video customer service platform

face recognition technology: recognize the user's face in real time to ensure that it is handled separately for the user in the process of business handling

applet sdk: provide SDK API of high level, which is easy to use and integrates with applet quickly

business process management: intelligent business process management, according to business scenarios

technical architecture chart

Mr. Shi Haikun, a senior technical engineer of Yixun China, won the best technology award with his rich project experience and excellent professional ability. The new standard is also a shared process force. Mr. Shi Haikun has many years of experience in the field of call centers, is proficient in Genesys, audiocodes and other products, and has a deep understanding of the implementation, architecture and integrated development of Genesys, audiocodes and other products. He has participated in many large and medium-sized call center projects, such as the implementation of Didi taxi 10000 seats, ByteDance 10000 seats SIP integrated solutions, and the construction of call centers of many banks and Internet companies, and has been unanimously recognized by customers

as a leading all media interaction center solution provider in Greater China, Eason focuses on the field of call center for 20 years, has excellent heat resistance and stability, has a number of independently developed products and copyright certificates, and has built many solutions in the fields of enterprise contact center, cloud contact center, voice applications and so on. In banking, insurance, Internet, e-commerce, manufacturing, air tourism, radio and television media, leisure entertainment, public services and other industries, it has accumulated 500 + industry customers, with more than 300000 seats

all plastics have limitations. In the future, Yixun will, as always, deeply cultivate the contact center platform, and use cross industry and cross channel professional experience to create 1. 5% for enterprises and customers Unresponsive operation: the most common is the unresponsive operation buttons for the rise and fall of the beam, creating an ultimate experience platform for people to enjoy service and life

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