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Yong'an Futures: pta-llpde early review March 11

. 2) Yesterday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell another 150 points. Except for March 5, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen for seven consecutive days, with a cumulative decline of nearly 1000 points. Domestic: 3) PTA spot prices vary from yuan to yuan, but it has become a callback trend on the whole. The final delivery date of 0803 contract is approaching. Pay attention to price fluctuations. 4) In the past few weeks, the prices of various petrochemical products have increased to a certain extent. If the crude oil price continues to remain high and the state acquiesces, the prices of various energy and petrochemical products from petrochemical or oil factories are likely to increase

II. Future concerns: Abroad: 1) crude oil futures price on the New York Mercantile Futures Exchange (NYMEX). 2) Large oil producing country 3. Policy of poor installation accuracy. 3) The performance of the dollar index, the New York Dow. Domestic: 4) PTA 0803 has more than 46000 positions. 5) Inventory type: March 10, 2008 PTA unit: Zhang  warehouse abbreviation  grade warehouse receipt quantity increase or decrease effective forecast today Zhejiang Huarui excellent grade 215100

800 Zhejiang 837 excellent grade 9920

0 Jianghai grain and oil excellent grade 0

0 Taicang Xingang excellent grade 12484 -6

0 Shanghai Jinghong excellent grade 135


0 total

44051 -6


III Market Research and judgment: (Monday, March 10): spot PTA 7870 Yuan line. [ccfei quotation] Zhengzhou PTA main 0805 contract closed at 8094 yuan, with 49082 transactions, 67252 positions and 3626 daily positions. Spot LLDPE was 13700 yuan, basically unchanged. Dalian LLDPE's main l0805 contract closed at 14650 yuan, with 19512 transactions, 10110 positions and 4364 daily positions. It is expected (the friction force of the oil cylinder will increase in the week of March 11): pta0805:7980-8220 front-line vibration in nearly 102 local factories. (the short-term correction is still continuing, but it is appropriate to buy at a low price (about 7950), and it is appropriate to close the position on the same day. Pay special attention to whether the spot price has plunged.) LLDPE: volatile weak market

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