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Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. has established a comprehensive office in Shanghai, China since April 1, bringing together five related companies with the functions of head office or regional business department in Shanghai

review the company's resources by focusing on the previously scattered articles for the previous works of the original competition, so as to strengthen the business capacity, realize various customer-oriented research and training, improve the maintenance service level, and improve the comprehensive and effective service system. The company's goal is to become No.1 in China's industrial instrumentation industry, and the establishment of this office is an important part of achieving this goal

since the Shenzhen municipal government issued the Shenzhen new material industry revitalization and development plan in the 19th, Yokogawa Electric has continuously expanded its business in the field of measurement and control in China since it established its first joint venture in China in 86. Now in China, because of this, it will not be so easy to twists and turns or brittle. Lu has 6 joint ventures, 2 wholly-owned enterprises, and a total of 8 related companies

due to the different time of establishment and the relationship with the joint venture Chinese enterprises, these companies have established independent institutions, most of which have set up head offices or business outlets in Shanghai. The main purpose of this gathering is to gather these branches together to achieve resource and facility sharing and efficient operation

the new office has introduced the latest IT facilities and research equipment, opened a showroom loaded with new products with a certain load, and opened a "response center" to further meet the requirements of customer service, which will provide 365 day, 24-hour services, etc. The above-mentioned advanced equipment and perfect service system can realize resource sharing through this collection. In the future, in the Chinese market with rapid economic development, we will continue to improve the customer service system and become the leader of China's industrial instrumentation industry

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