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Yokogawa electric released dxadvanced R4 network data acquisition station recently, Yokogawa electric released dxadvanced R4 paperless recorder. This enhanced dxadvanced network data acquisition station is a part of daqstation series paperless recorder

new features added to the enhanced model include support for the 21 CFR Part 11* standard (hereinafter referred to as part 11, which is an international standard for electronic records and electronic signatures, formulated by the FDA of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration). Using these functions on the multi-channel, high-speed and large capacity paperless recorder, pharmaceutical companies can easily record and manage various data in the manufacturing process

development background

there are two kinds of industrial recorders: traditional ones print measurement data on recording paper; The new recorder records data on electronic media. The popularity of the latter is very fast. The World Health Organization (who) good practice (GMP) requires pharmaceutical companies to record items such as sterilization and freeze-drying time to avoid pollution in the manufacturing process. Although GMP requires paper recording, digital media has more advantages, such as less space and faster search and reading. FD can realize full digital closed-loop servo control. A therefore formulated Part 11 standard to prevent data tampering, provide electronic authentication for digital records, and identify electronic records of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes in pharmaceutical companies. In 2001, Yokogawa electric released dx100p and paperless recorders that support part 11 standards. Later, the recording method supporting part 11 has been popularized in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, and the demand for the recorders supporting part 11 standards, including three closed-loop control systems, is growing

dxadvanced R4 not only supports the functions of Part 11 standard, but also has all the advantages of dxadvanced R3, which is widely praised, such as multi-channel, large capacity storage and high-speed recording

product features

like all models of dxadvanced series, dxadvanced R4 is a paperless recording device. The use of electronic storage media not only saves space, but also facilitates search and reading. Other common features include the ability to record data remotely through the network, multi-channel (up to 48 channels), large capacity storage and high-speed measurement. In addition, it also supports the part 11 standard

and check whether the wiring terminals are loose

Part 11 standard support function

Yokogawa motor adopts a proprietary binary data storage format, which greatly improves the protection level against data tampering. In addition, the login function of dxadvanced R4 only allows authorized people to operate the instrument, and electronic signature can be carried out on the dxadvanced R4 instrument body or through PC. In addition, the function of keeping historical records can store the logs of all instrument body operations

major markets China attaches great importance to additive manufacturing industry

various manufacturing and process industries, including electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, steel, non-ferrous metal smelting, papermaking, food, pharmaceutical, electrical equipment, ceramics, automobile and water treatment


record and monitor various manufacturing process data, such as temperature, pressure, flow and chemical composition

* 21 CFR Part 11 (21 CFR Chapter 11)

drugs licensed for sale in the United States must comply with this provision when digitizing and managing their manufacturing records and documents

daqstation series paperless recorder

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