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Yokogawa intelligent transmitter exceeded 1million in 2009

in August 2009, the first EJA intelligent transmitter of Chongqing Yokogawa Instrument Co., Ltd. was successfully offline. In order to commemorate this historical moment, a commemorative ceremony of selling 1million EJA transmitters in China will be held in Chongqing, the headquarters of the company, on August 10. This moment will mark that Yokogawa instrument company has entered a new milestone of strategic development

Yokogawa Instrument Co., Ltd. is one of the three major production bases of EJA smart transmitter of Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. in the world. Its leading product, EJA smart transmitter, adopts the monocrystalline silicon resonant sensor technology developed by Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. in Japan. It is the most advanced transmitter in the world and the most dynamic brand-name product in the transmitter field

from September, 1995, when the first transmitter went offline, to August, 2009, when it exceeded 1million, after 14 years of trials and tribulations, Yokogawa instrument company has achieved leapfrog development at an amazing speed. In order to quickly occupy the Chinese market, with the support of the Chinese and Japanese mother parties and the efforts of all Yokogawa employees, the sales work has made continuous breakthroughs due to the natural wear and tear in the application process of mechanical equipment. In 2003, the sales volume exceeded that of other competitors in the same industry, establishing the No.1 market share of EJA smart transmitters in China. The order volume in 2008 was close to 200000 units. So far, the cumulative market volume of EJA transmitters has exceeded one million units, and the products have been widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, light industry, environmental protection, medicine and other industries, In the field application of the door and window corner strength testing machine, it has been highly praised by the majority of users. Especially in recent years, Sinopec: Hainan 800 t/a oil refining project, Qingdao 10million T/a oil refining project, Tianjin Petrochemical 1million T/a ethylene and supporting projects; PetroChina: EJA transmitters and services are provided under the overall framework agreement of Fushun Petrochemical 1million ton/year ethylene and supporting projects, Sichuan Petrochemical 1million ton/year ethylene and 800 ton/year oil refining projects. Shougang, Shanghai Electric... Have become loyal customers and partners of the company. The stable performance and excellent quality of the products have been recognized in all aspects, forming a unique competitiveness in the Chinese market, becoming the largest professional transmitter manufacturer in China, and making contributions to the development of China's instrument industry

with the continuous expansion of business and the development of China's environmental protection industry, analyzers and CENTUM CS 3000 R3 integrated production control system have become a new growth pole for the company's development. The company will develop into an integrated automation instrument enterprise, providing users with overall solutions and services from field instruments, analytical instruments to production asset management systems and software, and returning to the society with better products and services

in the face of the adverse impact of the financial crisis on the instrument industry, Yokogawa's EJA transmitter market performance is still eye-catching. 1million sets is the first step for Cys to achieve a higher goal. The commemoration ceremony of the 1million sets of EJA transmitter sold in China is held for a more magnificent expedition. In the celebration ceremony when the manufacturing industry has just begun to develop in China, Yokogawa is already marching towards a new glory

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