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Jiangyin electroplating, papermaking and other water pollution enterprises are enthusiastic about the purchase of emission rights

Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Department recently held a pilot scheduling meeting for the paid use of emission rights in the Taihu Lake basin to understand the progress of pilot work in cities and counties along the Taihu Lake. At the meeting, Jiang Jianping, deputy director of Jiangyin environmental protection bureau, said that 535 water pollution enterprises in Jiangyin were ready to formally purchase emission rights

why are enterprises in Jiangyin so active when some cities and counties still have doubts about the pilot of paid use of emission rights? Recently, Jiang Jianping was interviewed about the specific measures to implement the paid use system of emission rights in Jiangyin City and what to do next

in the cold winter of the economy, Jiangyin enterprises are enthusiastic about purchasing emission indicators

: under the background of the global financial crisis, many enterprises have experienced a major decline in production and operation. If enterprises pay a high price to buy emission indicators, can they afford it

Jiang Jianping: the global financial crisis has brought some impacts to enterprises, but judging from the situation of Jiangyin City, the vast majority of enterprises are still able to purchase emission indicators. At the beginning of this year, we organized enterprises to apply for pollution discharge indicators, and the vast majority of enterprises actively applied for them. After the secondary review required by the Township Branch Bureau and the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in the above two documents, 535 enterprises are ready to officially purchase the emission indicators

: why do enterprises in Jiangyin support this innovative work

JIANG Jianping: the enterprises in Jiangyin have obvious regional advantages. As the pacesetter of county economy in China, Jiangyin has relatively strong economic strength. Recently, Jiangyin ranked first in the evaluation of the basic competitiveness of county economy in China, and has achieved five consecutive championships. Moreover, many enterprises in Jiangyin have completed the original accumulation, with more than 30 listed enterprises, forming a unique Jiangyin plate. It can be said that large-scale enterprises have become the backbone of Jiangyin's industrial economy. There is a general understanding that the environment is a scarce resource, and compensation and payment are necessary to occupy it. Therefore, it is relatively easy to implement the paid use system of emission rights in Jiangyin

: at present, what progress has Jiangyin made in the pilot work of paid use of emission rights

Jiang Jianping: at the beginning of the year, we organized enterprises to apply for pollution discharge indicators for 2009-2010. A total of 535 enterprises, which affected the quality of equipment, applied for a total of more than 6000 tons of chemical oxygen demand. After verification, the purchase volume of enterprises will be reduced to within 5500 tons. In this way, it can not only meet the emission reduction target this year, but also meet the normal production and operation of enterprises. Recently, we will publicize the chemical oxygen demand subscribed by enterprises and the amount of waste water discharged on Jiangyin, and begin to charge paid royalties for sewage discharge indicators before the end of March

: what is the price for Jiangyin enterprises to purchase annual emission indicators

Jiang Jianping: in the process of textile dyeing and finishing, chemical industry, papermaking, iron and steel, electroplating, food manufacturing and other production and operation in Jiangyin City, the pollutant discharge units that directly or indirectly discharge chemical oxygen demand to the environment and the pollutant discharge units that discharge sulfur dioxide to the environment in the city are included in the scope of paid use of emission rights. The specific charging standard is: the charging standard for the paid use of the chemical oxygen demand discharge index of the sewage discharge unit discharged into the centralized sewage treatment plant for treatment is 2600 yuan/year ton; For pollutant discharge units that directly discharge pollutants to the environment, the charge standard for paid use of chemical oxygen demand is 4500 yuan/ton per year; The charging standard for paid use of sulfur dioxide emission indicators in the power industry is 2240 yuan/ton per year

: are the 535 enterprises that have subscribed for the emission indicators all enterprises with an annual emission of more than 10 tons

JIANG Jianping: No, about 10% of them are small enterprises. All enterprises that discharge pollutants, regardless of their size, are equal. As long as they discharge pollutants, they have to pay. This can better reflect the principles of fairness and justice

innovate boldly and lease emission indicators

: it is said that Jiangyin will also try to carry out emission indicator leasing. Why should we carry out this work

Jiang Jianping: This is a bold attempt we made according to the actual situation. After the enterprise purchases this year's sewage discharge indicators, the environmental protection department issues a sewage discharge license and determines the total amount of legally up to standard sewage discharge indicators of the enterprise. However, due to the impact of the business environment, some enterprises have suffered from production depression and cannot use up the annual pollution discharge indicators they have purchased. There are also some enterprises with full production capacity, orders can not be completed, and the annual pollution discharge indicators purchased are insufficient. In this case, we must adjust measures to local conditions and operate flexibly. Therefore, we decided to carry out the leasing of emission rights

: Leasing emission indicators is an innovative work. How can the environmental protection department regulate the leasing behavior of enterprises

JIANG Jianping: there must be a premise for the leasing of emission indicators, that is, while strictly controlling the total emission of the city, we should appropriately carry out the leasing of emission indicators in combination with some actual conditions in the process of emission reduction management. If an enterprise wants to lease emission indicators, it must be confirmed by the Environmental Protection Bureau. The rent is generally priced on a monthly basis, and the lease period is generally not more than six months, and the lease period does not span a year. In addition, enterprises that need to lease emission indicators must obtain a temporary emission permit issued by the environmental protection department

: will the rental price be expensive

Jiang Jianping: of course, it is much higher than the purchase price. For example, the sulfur dioxide on the emission permit refers to the factor target of the wear testing machine controlled by the single chip microcomputer. The rent price for one month is 3000 yuan/ton, which is 16 times higher than the purchase index; The price of COD lease for one month is 8000 yuan/ton, which is 21.3 times higher than the purchase index. Although the rental price is many times higher than the purchase index, some enterprises are willing to pay a high price to rent the emission index in order to meet production orders and expand production scale. Because leasing emission indicators to expand production can earn more money and occupy more market share

emission right reserve Trading Center is not for making money but for environmental protection

: Jiangyin City is preparing to build emission right reserve Trading Center. What is its main function

JIANG Jianping: when enterprises purchase emission indicators, they only establish a primary market for emissions trading. After that, there may be secondary market transactions such as leasing of emission indicators, trading of emission indicators, bankruptcy, and acquisition of emission rights of closed enterprises. Therefore, there must be an entity to specifically serve the normal operation of the secondary market. In Jiangyin, this entity is called the emission right reserve Trading Center. Its main functions are now clear, including the acquisition, storage and leasing, allocation and so on. The Jiangyin municipal government also stipulates that the use of emission rights by old enterprises must be obtained through parity purchase, and the new emission indicators of new, reconstruction and expansion projects must be obtained through high price trading from the reserve Trading Center. A large number of emissions trading work in the secondary market depends on this center to operate

: through which channels does Jiangyin emission right reserve Trading Center mainly reserve emission indicators or establish a secondary market for emission right trading

JIANG Jianping: the emission right reserve Trading Center is the only emission right trading platform in Jiangyin City. It mainly obtains the reserves of emission indicators through five ways. The growth rate of flame retardants in China remains at 15% - 20%. Measures such as engineering emission reduction, structural emission reduction and management emission reduction are implemented. After completing the reduction task, the transferor of emission rights can sell the excess emission indicators to the reserve Trading Center; The emission indicators of some naturally closed and relocated enterprises should be recovered by the reserve Trading Center free of charge; The emission targets in the hands of some enterprises that have been ordered to close down and banned by governments at all levels due to environmental violations should also be recovered by the reserve Trading Center free of charge; If the emission indicators of some enterprises are idle and exceed the specified time due to sluggish production, the excess emission indicators should also be recovered by the reserve Trading Center free of charge; Some emission indicators obtained through transfer, which have been idle for more than 5 years, should also be recovered by the reserve Trading Center free of charge

: there is a big gap between the purchase and sale prices of Jiangyin emission right reserve Trading Center. Does it mean that this center is a profitable institution? Can Jiangyin's emissions trading be fully market-oriented

Jiang Jianping: there is a certain gap between the basic purchase price and the basic transfer price of Jiangyin emission trading. For example, the first basic purchase price per ton of sulfur dioxide is 15000 yuan, while the first basic transfer price is 20000 yuan; The first basic purchase price per ton of chemical oxygen demand is 60000 yuan, while the first basic transfer price is 80000 yuan. These prices are several times or even more than ten times higher than the price of enterprises' initial purchase of emission indicators. High pricing shows that environmental resources are very scarce in Jiangyin, which can urge enterprises to do more emission reduction and cherish the use of emission indicators, not to say that the reserve Trading Center is a profitable institution. Now, the funds of the reserve Trading Center are unified into the special account for emissions trading funds established by the bank. The proceeds of trading funds are mainly used for environmental quality improvement, ecological protection and environmental infrastructure construction. At present, Jiangyin's emissions trading cannot be fully market-oriented, and must be carried out in an orderly and stable manner under the strict control of the government

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