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The Ministry of industry and information technology officially announced the "access conditions for the hydrogen fluoride industry" on September 9, stipulating that the new hydrogen fluoride production plant should have stable and reliable fluorite resource guarantee and other relevant regulations. Experts said that this policy will promote industry integration and the price rise of fluorine chemical industry chain

on March 10, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the "access conditions for the hydrogen fluoride industry" (hereinafter referred to as "access conditions"). The "access conditions" stipulates that existing hydrogen fluoride production enterprises should carry out cleaner production audits and pass cleaner production assessments as required, and should meet the above requirements by the end of 2013; If it can't be achieved through transformation, it should stop production or exit on schedule

experts said that this policy will promote industry integration and the price rise of fluorine chemical industry chain. In the future, small enterprises will be phased out, and leading manufacturers will gain a more favorable market position

According to the provisions of the "access conditions", new hydrogen fluoride production units and new fluorine chemical enterprises should comply with the local industrial development plan and the overall land use plan, and should have stable and reliable fluorite and other resources. It is forbidden to build, reconstruct or expand hydrogen fluoride production units in scenic spots and other areas specified by the people's governments at or above the county level. In addition to the development and production of high-purity, ultra clean hydrogen fluoride products for electronic and other industries and the production of hydrogen fluoride raw materials for personal use, it is not allowed to build new, fast-growing and high-precision hydrogen fluoride production units for non raw materials

the "access conditions" also stipulates that the total scale of hydrogen fluoride of new production enterprises shall not be less than 50000 tons/year, and the production capacity of a single set of new hydrogen fluoride production units shall not be less than 20000 tons/year. The document also makes specific provisions on Fluorite consumption, comprehensive water consumption and comprehensive energy consumption of newly-built, reconstructed and expanded hydrogen fluoride production units

"at present, the government has listed fluorite as an important strategic resource, and has also paid high attention to the environmental impact in the production of hydrogen fluoride. The" access conditions "was issued under the above background." An unnamed expert from Sinopec Planning Institute told this newspaper yesterday that the policy reflects the determination of the state to protect and integrate fluorite resources

in his view, the "access conditions" not only considers the affordability of domestic industries, but also paves the way for the next industry integration. In the future, the survival of domestic small fluorine chemical enterprises will be increasingly difficult, and large-scale leading enterprises will benefit from industry integration

"in fact, the capacity of some large hydrofluoric acid enterprises has been approved before. This policy only sets a high threshold for some new entrants. It is expected that the document will promote the market to continue." Zhang Li, a fluorite analyst at CHEMCHINA, told this newspaper that hydrofluoric acid will only rise but not fall in the short term

the price of fluorine chemical industry will rise

Zheng fangbang, an analyst at industrial securities, believes that the "access conditions" will promote the price rise of fluorine chemical industry chain. On the one hand, as the market has further strengthened its understanding of state control of fluorite resources, the attribute of fluorite scarce resources will be reflected in the market price; On the other hand, the political and emergency response continues to increase.) the control situation introduced by the national standard is that constant strain control users must regularly clean. After the introduction of the policy, the global supply of fluorochemicals may be in short supply, and then the price will rise, which will push up the price of domestic fluorochemical products in reverse

he believes that the policy is significantly beneficial to the expansion and integration of leading enterprises and the improvement of sales volume. As the future export volume of hydrogen fluoride may not be able to meet the global demand, because the general requirement is 0.2 ~ 0.4, foreign enterprises will be forced to buy more fluorinated chemicals downstream of hydrogen fluoride for further deep processing. At present, only a few leading fluorochemical enterprises of these varieties have large-scale production capacity, so the growth of this part of demand will increase the sales volume of leading enterprises

it is reported that the listed companies in the fluorine chemical industry in the A-share market mainly include Juhua shares, sanaifu and duofudo. Zheng Fangfa pointed out that the favorable policies have a relatively great impact on Juhua shares. Because its fluoride products are sold independently, there is a large profit space when the industry boom is good. In addition, environmental protection equipment enterprises or environmental protection companies may benefit

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