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Chemical enterprises entering the zone and entering the park are on the agenda

Wenzhou plans to re plan the layout of the chemical market and solve the problem of "low, small and scattered" of hazardous chemical practitioners in Wenzhou. The day before yesterday, the municipal government office issued a notice. 2. The main types are stable and the annual total amount is fine tuned. Wenzhou will gradually incorporate the safety development layout of the chemical industry into the urban and rural planning, and guide chemical enterprises to enter the park

according to reports, the problem of "low, small and scattered" of hazardous chemicals in Wenzhou is relatively prominent. Many units of production, operation and storage of hazardous chemicals are mixed in residential areas, and a considerable number of gas stations and gas supply points are located in the central area of cities and towns. During the inspection in our city, the office of the safety committee of the State Council clearly pointed out that our city lacks the construction planning of chemical industry parks and chemical markets, the standardized storage of hazardous chemicals is seriously insufficient, the problems of illegal storage, excessive storage, mixed storage and so on are very prominent, and the potential safety hazards are very serious

according to the requirements of the notice, Wenzhou will plan and arrange appropriate areas as chemical parks or chemical centralized areas, which are specially used for the production and storage of dangerous chemicals, and incorporate the relevant requirements of the safety development layout of the chemical industry into the urban and rural planning, and gradually guide chemical enterprises to enter the park

it is reported that before the end of December of this (3) great year of steel trade market potential, the Municipal Planning Bureau will complete the planning and site selection report of chemical industry concentration areas or chemical industry parks in urban areas (Lucheng District, Ouhai District, Longwan District, Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone) with the municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, environmental protection bureau and other departments; Each county (city, district) will also complete the reporting of the planning and site selection of the local chemical industry concentration area or chemical industry park

from 2010, it is forbidden to build new chemical construction projects in chemical concentrated areas or outside chemical industrial parks. For the built chemical construction projects outside chemical concentrated areas or chemical industrial parks, except for the treatment of major accident hidden dangers such as computer shell and cabin structure, reconstruction and expansion projects will no longer be approved, and such enterprises will be gradually promoted to enter the zones and parks. By the end of 2010, the existing centralized chemical industry areas or chemical industry parks will organize and carry out the regional safety risk assessment of the park and the preparation (Revision) of the accident emergency rescue plan of the park, and implement the corresponding safety measures and facilities

according to the introduction, Wenzhou is speeding up the construction of three chemical bases in Niushan, Wenzhou civil science industrial base and Dongtou zhuangyuan'ao to solve the current potential safety hazards in the production, storage and operation of hazardous chemicals

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