If Russia invades again, Ukraine ultimately wins -

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If Russia invades again, Ukraine ultimately wins - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Vladimir Putin has already lost Ukraine.

The failed totalitarian experiment of Soviet Communism has ceased to existRetail spaces. Yet Ukraine continues to be subjected to a perverse, prejudiced and reality-denying view of history represented by Putin’s desire to replace a 21st-century version of Stalinism in the guise of a modern-day model of the Russian Empire.???

History has moved forward from the Second World WarOn a day in early May, then-president o, though Putin hasn’t. In the present day, Putin is attempting to convert and apply a Stalin-influenced and an out-moded geopolitical view that has long, for all intents and purposes, been replaced by societies in Eastern Europe that aspire towards the principles of democratic freedoms and a rules-based international order that affirms national independence and sovereignty.

After the Fall of the Berlin wall, previous “captive nations” have been transformed, Ukraine being the last of these captive and oppressed people who yearn for democracy. Putin’s actions and his most recent writings strongly suggests that he can’t accept this fact and that any suggested freedom narrative, be it individual or on a national scale, is beyond his scope of understanding, let alone acceptance. What is most unfortunate is that there is no one in his “fear society” that has had the courage to tell him and to convince him of the drastic repercussions of his aggressive actions and future place in the civilized world of nations. Unfortunately, the pressures of public opinion and the influence of Russia’s citizens has no effect on PutinThe need to maintain lockdowns..

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